who is denali simone photography?

Denali is an aspiring photographer in Rochester, NY who has been working on her craft for ten years. She has taken classes in school, worked under several local photographers and participated in multiple workshops. Learning and growing in her profession is very important to her. She brings her camera everywhere she goes to keep in practice and never stop shooting.

In her spare time, Denali writes her own music and performs with her coveted ukuleles, all with names to boot! She also loves theatre, making art, laughing very loudly and spending quality time with her friends and family.

As well as photography, she is also a full time preschool teacher at Pinnacle Early Learning Center. Children bring so much joy and light to the world and it is an honor for her to share her time and energy with them.

Photography has become her passion. She loves capturing people in a very unique way and really showing them how beautiful they can be through her lens. If you are interested in a shoot of any kind, want to know how my portrait packages work or just want to get coffee and talk cameras, send a message my way and I would be happy to get to know to you!

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